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Penis Enlargement Surgery


The wish to enlarge the penis is an old dream of men. Around 70% of men think that their penis is too short, too thin or both. At the beginning of the 20th century people tried to inject wax into the penis with tragic results. Fifty years later they experimented with liquid silicon with the same results. Not long after the introduction of liposuction in the 70’s the first fat transplantations occurred. At this time only 10-30% of the transplanted fat survived. The patients needed 2-3 operations to reach an acceptable result. 

Today with stem cell enriched fat transfers in our clinic we have around 80% fat survival. In one operation we can enlarge the flaccid penis by 80-100% increase in volume. With a second or third session of fat transfer we are able to reach 250-300% of the original flaccid volume. 

Smaller volumes can be reached without operation with Hyaluronic Acid injections. We prefer the Hyaluronic Acid injection method for penis glans enlargements however.

Beside the girth enhancements with fat transfer, we can enlarge the penis through penis elongation. The operative method of penis elongation was introduced in the 1980s. Since this time, over 100,000 operations have been performed worldwide.

Most of our patients wish the combination of the two methods to be performed at the same time.

The three methods to enlarge the penis are:

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Gerhard "XX"

“I always felt insecure about my breasts. From a young age in school to many years later, whether playing sports with friends, or even just taking my shirt off in front of my wife. No matter how much working out and dieting, I couldn’t change a thing. Finally I decided to take the leap and and perform a Gynecomasty and it absolutely changed my life. Thank you Dr. Kish!”

Gerhard "XX"
Penis Enlargement Surgery

“I was sceptical before undergoing this surgery as it seemed too good to be true, and scary! After having my consultation with Dr. Kish, He made me feel at ease, and made sure I knew everything about the procedure and felt 100% comfortable and confident. The procedure ironically does not involve surgery on the actual penis! Finally, I could not be happier with the result. I am blown away!”