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Girth Enhancement Surgery


In a study at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, 90% of the women said that penis size does matter! The majority of women (69%) answered that penis girth is more important than the length of the penis. 

It is estimated that every male will lose about 1.5 – 2.5 cm of penile length and 1-2 cm of penis circumference between the ages 30 – 70.

Our preferred method for girth enlargement is fat grafting.

Fat is a safe and effective Injectable. Fat harvesting will be done with liposuction usually from abdomen or hip but any body region can be used. The fat will be sucked into a sterile glass container. After washing, filtering  and concentrating the fat, it is ready for transfer. The prepared fat will be enriched with the patient’s own stem cells which have been separated from the patient’s fatty tissue with a special machine like “Cellution 800”. The fat and stem cell mixture is injected under the skin of the penis with thin and blunt cannulas

Thanks to the stem cells and the revolutionary new fat grafting technology, 80% of the transplanted fat survives compared to 20% by classical fat transfer. The fat tissue contains the most stem cells of all our tissues.

These “baby” cells can be transformed to any tissue in the body, like vessels, nerves, bone, skin etc.

This transformation can be detected within hours in the transplanted tissue, for example in the form of developing small vessels, capillaries. These vessels appear much later without stem cell edition. Because the transplanted fat will be supported with blood much earlier and a much greater part of fat will survive.

  • ANESTHESIA – 1-2 hours
  • HOSPITAL STAY – The patient goes home 4 hours after the operation if all vital signs are normal.

After 3 months the volume of the penis is stable. The penis flaccid volume is 80-100% larger which means 2-3 cm enhancement of the penile circumference. The erect penis volume is augmented with ca. 50% or 1-1.5 cm, these represent top worldwide results.

Swelling, bruising, slight pain. If you are not circumcised, it will be difficult to retract the foreskin because of the greater penis volume and swelling. Within 2 weeks this problem is solved.

Excessive bleeding is very rare. It occurs mostly by people who take anticoagulation medication and forget to inform his physician.

Infection risk is less than 1% with our prophylactic antibiotic treatment.

This operation has no negative effect on the erection function of the penis.

No SEX for 8 weeks

No EXERCISE for 8 weeks

Return to JOB after 1 week

Take your MEDICATION to prevent erections, antibiotics and light analgesics.

Avoid tight CLOTHING like underwear and jeans.

FOLLOW UPS – Days: 7-14-30-60-180

The great majority of patients (98%) are satisfied with the results. Around 2% wish for a second operation even if the result is excellent. 

In one session we can enlarge the flaccid penis circumference by 2-3 cm. By a follow up operation after 1 year, it is possible to enlarge by another 2-3 cm. Some of our patients had 2-3 procedures with 250-300% larger flaccid penis volume than preoperatively. 

The greater penis volume means better contact with the vaginal wall and more intensive sexual enjoyment.

Stem Cells

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Gerhard "XX"

“I always felt insecure about my breasts. From a young age in school to many years later, whether playing sports with friends, or even just taking my shirt off in front of my wife. No matter how much working out and dieting, I couldn’t change a thing. Finally I decided to take the leap and and perform a Gynecomasty and it absolutely changed my life. Thank you Dr. Kish!”

Gerhard "XX"
Penis Enlargement Surgery

“I was sceptical before undergoing this surgery as it seemed too good to be true, and scary! After having my consultation with Dr. Kish, He made me feel at ease, and made sure I knew everything about the procedure and felt 100% comfortable and confident. The procedure ironically does not involve surgery on the actual penis! Finally, I could not be happier with the result. I am blown away!”