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Additional Procedures


Sometimes it is necessary to combine the penis elongation or penis girth enlargement with other operations to enhance the result.

The pubic fat pad, the fat collection directly above the penis, can become enlarged from aging and weight gain. The accumulation of fat is often combined with excess skin. All these processes result in visually diminished penile length.


The disturbing fat can be removed with liposuction and the redundant skin with surgical excision. The result is a more masculine appearance. It can be combined with a tummy tuck or six pack creation.

  • Anesthesia: local or sedation
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Return to work: after one week
  • Sport/Exercise & Sex: after six weeks

Occasionally when patients complain about short penises, by examination we can find a webbing of the scrotum. This covers the lower 30-50% of the penis, making it look short even if it’s of normal length. The webbing can also be the result of a circumcision operation.


By removing the superfluous scrotal skin, the penis shows it’s real proportions. It isn’t necessary to open the scrotum during the operation. 

  • Anesthesia: local or sedation
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Outpatient:  the patient can leave the hospital on the same day.
  • Work: after one week
  • Sex & Training: after 6 weeks

If the patient has long foreskin and it is disturbing because of hygienic or aesthetic reasons, it can be removed by a small operation under local anaesthesia.

Many patients have intensive hair growth around the external genitals. Our Super Hair Removal Laser can permanently solve this problem.

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Gerhard "XX"

“I always felt insecure about my breasts. From a young age in school to many years later, whether playing sports with friends, or even just taking my shirt off in front of my wife. No matter how much working out and dieting, I couldn’t change a thing. Finally I decided to take the leap and and perform a Gynecomasty and it absolutely changed my life. Thank you Dr. Kish!”

Gerhard "XX"
Penis Enlargement Surgery

“I was sceptical before undergoing this surgery as it seemed too good to be true, and scary! After having my consultation with Dr. Kish, He made me feel at ease, and made sure I knew everything about the procedure and felt 100% comfortable and confident. The procedure ironically does not involve surgery on the actual penis! Finally, I could not be happier with the result. I am blown away!”